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Jazz Musician Jimmie Noone " Grandson of Charles Daggs"

All Star Band with Jimmie Noone
Charles Daggs daughter Lucinda and son-in-law were the parents of Jimmy Noone.  Jimmie was born on April 23, 1894 on the Stanton Plantation in  Cut Off, Louisiana. He grew up in Hammond, Louisiana, where he started playing the guitar.

In 1910, Noone's family moved to New Orleans. Noone switched to the clarinet and studied with Lorenzo Tio and the young Sidney Bechet. He played with noted Jazz musicians like Kid Oryandn Oscar Celestin until the Storyville district was permanently closed.  In 1918 Noone moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he studied with symphony clarinetist Franz Schoepp.  Noone's married  Rita Mary Mathieu and they had three children.  On April 19, 1944,  he had a heart attack, at the age of 48 and died.

On the United States World War I Draft Registration Card; 1917-1918, Noone's name is listed as James Noone. He stated that he was born on Stanton Plantation. He was employed as a musician at the West End. He was living at 2337 St. Peter Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was  finaically supporting his wife and mother at the age of twenty-three.

Dr. Antoinette Harrell interviewed one of the relatives of Jimmie Noone name Warren. Warren is the descendant of Joseph Daggs, one of Charles Daggs sons. 

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